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Bloodshot Vodka Case 6 x 70cl

Bloodshot Vodka Case 6 x 70cl

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A stylish bottle of the world's first, finest and only bloody mary vodka liqueur. Hand-crafted from the finest natural ingredients.

A fiery fusion of exotic spices, hot peppers & heady aromatics.  Intensely savoury & seriously spicy yet retaining a delicate complexity and a smooth, long finish.

Some think Bloodshot is a liqueur, others call it a spiced Gin – we like to think of it as a Bloody Vodka Spirit.  Whatever you call it, Bloodshot is one of the world’s most complex spirits to produce, with three intricate production processes involving over twenty ingredients, two stills, four maceration vats, one master distiller, one master wine-maker and absolutly no artificial additives.
We believe it is well worth the effort.