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Boxer Negroni - 70cl Bottle (Gift Wrapped)

Boxer Negroni - 70cl Bottle (Gift Wrapped)

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A gin-based aperitif first mixed in Florence, Italy in 1919. The classic equal parts recipe calls for dry gin, sweet red vermouth and bitter amaro. This strongly flavoured drink requires a powerful, juniper-forward gin. Boxer Gin, with its full spectrum array of Himalayan juniper is the perfect choice.

To create the Boxer Negroni we have collaborated with the Negroni Antica distillery in Treviso, which has been creating aperitifs for over 100 years.  Export strength Boxer Gin is balanced by the sweetness of the red Torino vermouth, given bitter notes by the quinine and gentian in our amaro and finished with a dash of mandarin bitters. 

To serve: pour two 50ml shots into a tumbler full of ice cubes and garnish with a slice of orange. Add Prosecco for a lighter Spritz. 

Customer Reviews

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Ian Sykes

Great purchase 👍🏽

Jon Wilson

Lived up to the hype, smooth, strong, an excellent concoction

Bought as a present

Bought as a Xmas present. Well received. A glass shared with the recipient. Really good taste.

Clifford Gibbs
Authentic Negroni Cocktail flavour

Very good. Tastes almost exactly the same as when I make a Negroni from scratch only easier as only need to add a slice of orange and ice!

Brad Oud
Very nice!

Saw a lot of advertising on social media and decided to give it a try and glad I did! Really enjoyed this with good punchy flavours and will certainly reorder.