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Toti Cask Reserve 2.8L Refill

Toti Cask Reserve 2.8L Refill

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The Toti Rum bottle is thing of beauty that is made to last - bottle green glass with waterproof ink label and natural cork stopper.  It seems a shame to toss an empty bottle into the recycling basket.  Well you don't have to - thanks to the EcoPouch.  The most environmentally friendly way to buy spirits.

The EcoPouch contains the equivalent of 4 bottles of Toti Cask Reserve Rum - but costs 20% less.  Refilling a bottle from an ecopouch also produces over 1kg less CO2 than buying a new bottle.  We think it is a true win-win.

Whats more is that you can also send the pouch back to us for re-use once it is empty - just email us to request a mailing label.

Cask Reserve is a dark aromatic sipping rum with a full bodied flavour and smooth finish.  Our master blend combines a very special five year old cane “agricole” rum from The Dominican Republic with a funk filled fusion of three year old barrel aged pot-still rums from across the Caribbean.  The blend is finished with fresh demerara rum and a lick of bittersweet blackstrap molasses.