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Toti Famous Five 2.8L Refill

Toti Famous Five 2.8L Refill

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The Toti Rum bottle is thing of beauty that is made to last - white flint glass with ceramic decoration and a natural cork stopper.  It seems a shame to toss an empty bottle into the recycling basket.  Well you don't have to - thanks to the EcoPouch.  The most environmentally friendly way to buy spirits.

The EcoPouch contains the equivalent of 4 bottles of Toti Rum - and only costs the equivalent of 3 bottles.  Refilling a bottle from an ecopouch also produces over 1kg less CO2 than buying a new bottle.  We think it is a true win-win.

Famous five is a smooth sipping white rum overflowing with vanilla, toasted caramel and banana. The secret to our mellow taste and full flavour is blending the best pot still molassses rums with the finest pure can agricole rums. We sources these from legendary distilleries across the Caribbean in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana & The Dominican Republic- our Famous Five.