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Boxer Gin - 2.8L Eco-Pouch - Zero Waste Refill & Re-use System

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The Boxer Gin bottle is thing of beauty that is made to last - cobalt blue glass with ceramic decoration and an aluminium cap.  It seems a shame to toss an empty bottle into the recycling basket.  Well you don't have to - thanks to the EcoPouch.  The most environmentally friendly way to buy spirits.

The EcoPouch contains the equivalent of 4 bottles of Boxer Gin - but costs 20% less.  Refilling a bottle from an ecopouch also produces over 1kg less CO2 than buying a new bottle.  We think it is a true win-win.  What's more you can now also return the empty pouch to use and we will re-fill that too - as well as giving you a discount code for your next purchase.

The Boxer aims to deliver the classic London Dry style of gin but with unprecedented vibrancy and complexity. The main balance of flavours is between fresh juniper and our triumvirate of citrus - lemon, orange and bergamot. This extra dry balance is set against a background of rich woody spice and aromatic floral roots.

The Boxer difference is most apparent on the nose and on the finish, which are deeper, richer and longer than is usual. We find that the vibrancy of our principal aromatics stands up exceptionally well to tonic, remaining clear even on heavy dilution. When drunk neat or as a gin martini, the softness and luxurious texture of Boxer Gin are most apparent and extremely welcome.


Customer Reviews

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Manager Greenwich
Boxer gin 2.8L

Great product and 0 waste , also very fast delivery

ADAM Bates
Great great container - and the gin is good

Really excellent to have super gin in a much more environmentally friendly flexible container. Wonderful idea.

Murray Edmunds
Great gin, great value

My gold standard gin in an easy-to-use economic and eco-friendly refill pouch. What's not to like?
But is it recyclable?

Lisa Clark
Great gin

Great value this eco pouch

Sally Standart
Gin and vodka

Great spirits, very well packaged