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Boxer Negroni - 2.8L Eco-Pouch - Zero Waste Refill & Re-use System

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The Boxer Negroni bottle is thing of beauty that is made to last - cobalt blue glass with embossed glass and an aluminium cap.  It seems a shame to toss an empty bottle into the recycling basket.  Well you don't have to - thanks to the EcoPouch.  The most environmentally friendly (and pocket friendly) way to buy spirits.

The EcoPouch contains the equivalent of 4 bottles of Boxer Negroni - but costs 20% less.  Refilling a bottle from an ecopouch also produces over 1kg less CO2 than buying a new bottle.  We think it is a true win-win.

Whats more is that you can also send the pouch back to us for re-use once it is empty - just email us to request a mailing label.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Garry Lenthall

Is a Christmas gift so cant comment But give full marks on service &. Delivery

ADAM Bates
Wonderful idea & super taste

Negroni is my go to cocktail. At home I have a bottle in the fridge in which I make up my own ready to drink recipe. This pouch saves me time, tastes great. Really excellent product

Phillip Bennett-Richards
Loving the reduced packaging

Top quality product. Great to have a refillable pouch....