Element 29 Vodka 2.8L Eco-Pouch

Element 29 Vodka 2.8L Eco-Pouch

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Why pay for an expensive glass bottle if you are just going to throw it away? The refill system allows you to replenish any empty Element 29 bottles that you may have, allowing you to save on money and wastage. Each refill contains 2.8L of vodka, or the equivalent of 4 bottles. 

Premium British artisan vodka made from the finest east Anglian wheat, copper distilled in the Black Country, cut to 40% ABV with sussex spring water. The taste is clean and rich, full of natural grain sweetness with subtle notes of grass.

Copper is essential to quality distilling. Its supreme heat conductivity allows gentle, precise distillation. Copper’s unique chemical properties remove ugly tasting sulphur compounds from the distillate that would otherwise taint the flavour of the vodka. Lesser spirits mask these flavour taints with artificial additives or attempt to filter them out with anything from activated charcoal to diamonds.

Element 29 vodka is so pure that neither flavouring, nor filtration is necessary - allowing a full expression of intrinsic natural flavour.