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Little Devil Big Barrel (20 Servings)

Little Devil Big Barrel (20 Servings)

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Little Devil has taken the Bloody Mary & Virgin Mary one giant leap closer to perfection.  Hand-made in small batches from the finest natural ingredients; Bloody Spice adds heat, spice, citrus, seasoning and umami*. 

The essence includes all the classic Bloody Mary ingredients - Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, Classic Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce, Lime, Lemons, Celery Salt, Black Pepper.  Added to the classics is a hint of japanese wasabi and a few special secret ingredients Little Devil has got to keep under his little hat.  See if you can work them out!

The flavour is clean, medium spicy, intensely savoury and wonderfully more-ish.  Bloody Spice delivers distinct notes of citrus, chilli, celery, pepper and horseradish but also enhances the flavour of the juice. 

20 servings of Little Devil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Spot on!

Have tried mixing my own, but why bother when it’s done to perfection for you!

Little Sticks of Joy

I first discovered these beauties in a Tipple Box cocktail box (sadly no longer a thing). Coupled with Ruby Blue Chilli liqueur, they make the most wonderful Bloody Mary. Thank you for bring you x

Josie Starling
Little Sachet. Big Flavour

These are fabulous. So easy and so authentic. I love them. With or without the vodka they taste great.

Ilg Ilg
Everything perfect

Contact e-mail professional, delivery in time and product absolutely super 👍

David Saunders
My Bad - Ran Out!

But the situation was swiftly rectified by a delivery of delicious replacement barrels of Little Devil. I can revert to my routine of evening cocktails, safe in the knowledge that my morning pick-me-up will self-gird my loins once more.